We’ve been serving Sullivan since 1980, and there’s a reason families keep coming back to see us. We really do care about our patients and their lasting oral health. You will feel like family here.

What are the things that make us different?

  • • Genuine Care
  • • Comfortable Treatments
  • • Familiar Faces
  • • Prompt Service
  • • Compassionate Team
  • • Up-to-Date Technology

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Meet Dr. William D. Havlik D.M.D.

Dr. Havlik has been serving this great community since 1980 and some of our staff members have been here for over 30 years! Our patients love that they get to see familiar faces every time they visit. We enjoy serving generations of families over the years, and we hope that we can get to know your family too!

At Sullivan Dental Clinic, we truly are a dental family that genuinely cares about you. Dr. Havlik loves having the opportunity to get to know you personally and to provide a solution for your dental concerns. He will listen to your needs and do whatever he can to meet them. You are our number one priority.

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Dental Cleanings & Exams

We take great pride in being able to meet all of your family’s dental needs under one roof. From general & preventive dentistry to cosmetic dentistry cosmetic dentistry, there's little we don't do.

A beautiful smile begins with a healthy smile, which is achieved through regular cleanings and exams.

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A crown is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth. A crown not only strengthens the tooth, but it can also dramatically improve the tooth's appearance, shape and alignment. Learn More »



Root canal treatment, also referred to as root canal therapy or endodontic therapy, is used to save an infected or damaged tooth and avoid having to remove it. Learn More »

Additional Services Offered at Sullivan Dental Clinic include:

•Periodontal Therapy
•Cosmetic Dentistry

•Teeth Whitening
•Bridges & Crowns
•Tooth Extractions
•Porcelain Veneers

• Bonding
• Cosmetic Fillings
• Sealants
• Wisdom Teeth

Dental Implant Treatment

Everyone deserves a comfortable, long-lasting, and beautiful smile. Sometimes teeth can't stay strong enough to give us that smile, which is why we offer dental implants.

Benefits of Treatment Include:

• Looks, acts and feels like your own tooth
• A permanent solution for tooth replacement
• Improves functionality—both eating and speaking
• Is easy to clean and cannot develop cavities
• Minimizes oral bone loss
• Eliminates the discomfort of removable dentures
• Gives you back your smile and helps self-confidence
• Lessens the chance of future treatments

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